Prev&Green is an international youth initiative project realised in the cooperation of two organisations from Slovakia and Hungary between 01/09/2016 – 30/09/2017 including a whole school year. The aim of the project is to organise youth community activities with highschool students focusing on healthy lifestyle (including phisical, mental and sustainable aspects) and active participation.


LYBA – Leaders of Youth Business Academy

[ What is LYBA about? ]

LYBA is a development program for youth aged 15-19 who are just passing from education to employment.
Come to the project and take your own business initiative with a team of trusted people. Take advantage of training, mentoring and coaching as well as international visits and consultations. Experience new opportunities and create a further plan for yourself.
During the two-year international project we implement an innovative program that combines education for entrepreneurship, career counseling and business with social activity.


Live Long and Prosper

A “Live Long And Prosper” ifjúsági csere az Erasmus+ program keretein belül zajlott 2015. november 24. és december 3. között a csehországi Blansko városában. A projekt témája az egészséges életmód (táplálkozás, testmozgás, jóga, meditáció) volt, ennek tudatosítása és átültetése a mindennapokba. A több mint egyhetes programról angol nyelvű kiadvány készült, amit innen letölthető:

Youth exchange “Live Long And Prosper ” was an Erasmus+ project, took place in Blansko, Czech Republic, from from 24th november until 3rd december 2015. The topic of the project was the healthy lifestile (foods, sport, yoga, meditation), to make it conscious and integrate to everyday life. There is a booklet about the project, you can download it here: