[ What is LYBA about? ]

LYBA is a development program for youth aged 15-19 who are just passing from education to employment.
Come to the project and take your own business initiative with a team of trusted people. Take advantage of training, mentoring and coaching as well as international visits and consultations. Experience new opportunities and create a further plan for yourself.
During the two-year international project we implement an innovative program that combines education for entrepreneurship, career counseling and business with social activity.

It means:

  • if you are studying in a post-primary school, you can apply to the program
  • for a year you are preparing with us for a better start in job life, becoming a leader or member of an initiative team
  • you go through a series of trainings, mentoring and coaching sessions to make good use of it now and in the future

[ The aim of the project ]

The aim of the project is to “equip” young people with knowledge about themselves and the competences needed to manage their personal potential in moving independently and effectively around the labor market.

It means:

  • in the program you have the chance to find out what you are good at and how to use it in further education and work
  • you will try yourself in a new role before you take it as a future employee or entrepreneur
  • you will learn to think about various ideas for activities in your local environment
  • you will see how to run your own project to achieve the expected results
  • you will discover what you can do with your skills in the future job

The most important activity is the implementation of 12 business initiatives by 72 youth participants in Poland and Hungary.

[ How will it happen? ]

– in spring of 2019 in Mrągowo (Poland) and Szeged (Hungary) 12 leaders from among secondary school students will be recruited
– from May to August leaders will take part in three week training sessions, two of which will be held in Mrągowo and one in Szeged
– under the supervision of trainers, mentors and coaches they will develop their business and managerial skills and create concepts of their own initiatives
– in September each leader will recruit a 5-member team, depended on the roles and competences needed
– from autumn 2019 to summer 2020 all teams will take their initiatives in the form of mini-projects
– during this time participants will be under the care of mentors and coaches, getting to know their resources and possibilities based on "experience here and now
– Polish and Hungarian teams will merge into twin-teams: groups of mutual support and exchange of experiences, that will work remotely
– to see partner teams in action, Polish leaders will take a study visit in Szeged, and Hungarian leaders in Mragowo
– in June 2020 72 participants will finish the program with an individual development path, usefull for further plans

[ What will be the results? ]

The result of the project will be the LYBA program guide for future implementers

It means:

  • an international team of mentors and coaches will create a program guide, based on the 12 mini-projects and based on many years of experience in working with youth
  • in autumn 2020, two regional seminars will be held in Poland and Hungary to promote the LYBA program and encourage to use it
  • leaders and teams will conduct workshops to popularize the program in their schools
  • among schools and non-governmental organizations there wiill be announced recruitment for LYBA incubators: local partnerships ready to try the program
  • a minimum of one incubator in Poland and one in Hungary will be prepared to start with LYBA in January 2021
  • local coalitions of schools, non-governmental organizations and local governments will be initiated in Mragowo and in Szeged to launch the second edition of the LYBA program

[ The LYBA Guidebook // ENG ]

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